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Covao dos Conchos & 516 Arouca Bridge & Miradouro Fafião

by EG
February 15, 2022
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Covao dos Conchos

Did you know there is an artificial lake in Portugal that works as a Bell-mouth spillway?

There is one in Serra da Estrela park and it’s supposed to look like this.

This is the view when there is enough water in the lake

But in my case it was different. How different? Check below.

This is the way to the artificial lake.

I found this funny. You try your brakes before you go down the hill.

Like shouldn’t you try them every time?

This is how it looked for me…

It was warm summer, hence no water in the pool

Some great mountain views on the way back. It use to be a damb.

As a final touch – a mountain picture that looked like a windows desktop screensaver.

516 Arouca Bridge

The 516 Arouca bridge is the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world and is located in Arouca, in the Aveiro district, Portugal. With 516 meters in length and an elevation of 175 meters, it connects the banks of the Paiva River.

This is what you get when you look down from the bridge.

Small narrow roads that’s the beauty of driving in Portugal.

Miradouro Fafião

Almost middle of nowhere, which offers breathtaking views.

Trees like this were everywhere.

Cow, which wasn’t so much happy to see me. 😀

This was it for this post. More from Portugal will follow in the following blog posts.