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First SkyDiving Experience

by EG
February 23, 2022
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I have always been interested in the sky about its freedom.

Anything that is related to airplanes or skydiving.

Since a young age, I’m keen to get my PPL (Private Pilote License). To enjoy freedom even more. When the time will be right will do so.

This time instead, I faced my biggest fear – heights.

SkyDiving again helped me to realize what comes after fear is the best blissful moment you can have.

Before the first jump, I did some preparation steps to calm myself down. Your brain cannot process what and how it will happen for the first time because you don’t have the necessary data to act on.

So those thoughts made my blood circle faster than usual. It’s just a human thing, to fear from what you don’t even know what to fear from.

For me, the best thing in the early morning was a cold dip in the water for more than a minute. It slowed my heartbeat and made me calm. In other words, I was ready for the rest of the day and my first skydiving jump.

Best place for first skydiving experience and all kudos goes to “Skydive seven” in Portugal. They have the most experienced staff, especially skydiving instructors you can ever have.

They made the experience super smooth and fun.

There was a bit of waiting time. I don’t like to wait, because your thoughts are starting to question yourself. I always like to do it instantly to avoid such a thing.

Once you see a plane approaching and know that there are only a few people ahead you start to really feel the heartbeat pumping in your body.

And when you get on the plane it gets even more intense. But then the real work with your thoughts and mindset starts to kick in. It’s just you and your self-consensus.

What else do you have to do? You have promised yourself to do it, so you must do it.

Other people’s emotions while I’m doing my first tandem skydiving ever.

Yes, I left the plane first.

Here is the first tandem SkyDiving experience in 2022.

  • 15,000 ft
  • 70-sec Freefall
  • A lot of good experiences and memories that will last forever

As instructor João said: “You can do thousands of jumps, but the very first you will remember always”.

Thank you, João for the first-time experience making it special and SkyDive Seven for the organization!

First jump for me and 14k jumps for João and more!

For the fact, I do know that I will do more sky adventures including skydiving and operating private planes.

Always liked to be a bird!