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Is this doomsday?

by EG
March 25, 2020
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The only time I turn this blog on (like an old car that stays available any time) is when I am full of everything and I want to put everything out.

I do release out a lot what’s inside me while I do sports but that’s a different kind of stress relief, sometimes you gotta do when you write. And you can’t imagine how much I hate to write. It just feels a waste of time.

But as promised myself this blog is for my self as a public diary, so someday I can look back.

The current time when I write this blog post is 3:41 AM and the date is the 25th of March 2020. If you're aware then the whole world is locked down because of coronavirus also known as covid-19. The virus spreads faster than the bullet can run.

Worth to mention it has been already 3 months after I have quit a cooperative type job. I used to work for a bank. It’s good to work there if you like stability and comfort.

Why did I leave?

I f****** hated comfort and the energy people did put out every day. Drinking coffees and gossiping and not giving your absolute best. 

What’s the f****** point to spend your years on this planet and not give a back properly?

What is the point in your life then? I couldn’t’ stand that. So I did quit. Don’t get me wrong, I did get a good experience and a few lessons that taught me how to work in the business environment.

A massive thanks for that but nothing else, as I thought that job sucked almost my soul out.

That’s not the case about this blog post. Everything above the bank job is kindergarten compared to what’s happening now. If you ever watched a horror movie about a disease where people spread the virus to another person and then dies this is the case. This time is for real.

nuclear explosion
Nuclear explosion – word expression image

I don’t bitch, but I am sorry for all people who died from this virus and died from other cases like the war where politicians measure their dicks. That’s again another story.

No-one is protected from this virus, even me. I think everyone will feel when their ‘time’ has come. If not affected by virus, then by something else.

I do know that someday all of us will die, maybe not at once but every each of us. No money or power can buy ticket ‘not to die’. It will happen eventually. I look at death as a transfer into another energy or vision.

Since a young age, I knew that there is something more than just go to school, get a job and die. F*** THAT! 

Who gives a f*** about the bureaucracy and money if you will die anyway?

That's the reason why I left every job I worked for someone, I didn't care about that money that much as I cared how my soul felt. 

I knew that I can do more, I can help more people and my soul can be happier than it was before.

The reason why I wanted to write this article is not about my feelings about how I feel. I am like a stone, sometimes I don’t feel anything towards my self. I care more about others. I have strong power inside that feeds me every day. That energy is so powerful that it’s hard to explain.

I can relate to the paranormal things that happened when I was a kid. Since then I believe there is something above us with strong power.

I believe in the Universe, you can call it whatever you want either God or Budda, anything. We are connected as species to each other and the universe.

Since a young age, I have always been entrepreneur minded. Or whatever you want to call it. Where I did go I saw the opportunity to sell or exchange for something. I also had different on-going projects that didn’t last for decades but where I have learned how to sell.

I combined them with my temporary jobs which I undertook while I was in the UK and university.

During my last months in the bank I quietly opened a company in the UK and a non-profit organisation, so we can start to trade online.

Because the bank contract didn’t allow you to create one, that’s the reason why.

In 2020 exactly when I left the bank we established a  company STARLINK DEVELOPMENT which focuses on IT systems and products.

Starlink Development Logo

I always say that there are thousands of companies that do exactly what we do. But we have strong why we do what we do.

Main goal for us is to help people save resources including money, time and human resources. So people can spend more time with their loved ones.

We started exactly before the virus started to spread. We had different plans in action, but as in the business world, everything changes every hour. 

You have to be agile nowadays and speed must be in the fifth gear. So that happened a whole country and world lockdown within two weeks. Many people get fired because of the economic recession that is happening right now. 

You probably can imagine what happens if many people die and the economy slows down? A lot of people won't get money to feed themselves or buy things. Everyone will be affected. 

We are a new company but we will take this as a challenge and a chance to help many businesses survive.

We help businesses automatize their processes and make them available online because people can’t leave their houses and the only way how they survive is by putting them online.

Trust me is even harder to sell because many people are going into a saving mode now.

But again I don’t bitch and we as a  team will not bitch around. We will move forward nevertheless of what is happening outside. 

I always say I will move forward until the last breath into my soul, everything else, go f***

I feel that everyone has come to this life and world to do something more than just making quick online programms, sell them make a big buck and call them a f***** legend, including those selfish f*** who work for someone and bitch around that life sucks. 

Your decisions suck! You can change that. 

I hope the virus won’t kill all of us and I will still be able to help people and write another blog post, now it’s time to do a nap and wake my self up again to work on plans.

Again 14 hours in a row.

And like this every single day. I won’t stop until I have helped many. Period.

EG walking on the field
EG doing a day hike in 2020