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by EG
March 30, 2022
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Every island holds something special. The energy that comes from underneath is so powerful.

Some kind of power that words cannot explain but only can be felt.

Madeira was no exception. The weather was changing every 10 min which shows how diverse islands can be.

Sunny, rainy, and snowy. It really depends on side of the island but for sure it was interesting to see and feel what Madeira can bring.

Did you know Madeiras airport is one of the most difficult airports to land in?

Funchal is the capital city of Madeira.

Funchal from the hill.

The North side of Madeira was full of misty mountains.

And waterfalls.

Also snow.

As expected the south of Madeira. Full summer and sunny.

Everyone drives through this waterfall.

Thermal pools.

They were supposed to be warm. But based on local stories it wasn’t warm due to the volcano not giving enough heat this time of the year.

Viewpoint 500m above sea level.

Local bananas are exported mainly to Portugal.

Black sand beach due to volcano.

Steep roads up and down.

Madeira speaks ‘green’. Wherever you go it’s super green.

You can clearly see on the left (south of Madeira) full of sun and on the right (north of Madeira) full of rain and snow in the mountains.

This is how diverse is Madeira.

It’s magical.