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MTB in Algarve, Portugal

by EG
February 25, 2022
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Algarve even in winter is one of the best places to ride bicycles during European winter.

You can barely count days that are rainy or cold.

I always like some competition.

So I challenged myself in late October and November when the heat was still above +25C to compete in the MTB race.

Never did MTB race in the desert surrounded by wild dogs, snakes, and heat.

I was praying not to have a puncture in the tire and not stuck in the middle of nowhere. Although I had enough to survive but still.

What an experience!

First race below.

Start of the race.

The face says everything.

Second race.

Start of the race.

Hardest final steps in my MTB races ever.

Heat and mountains were taking over everything.

Happy to finish but exhausted as f***.

This is real expresion.

There is always a need to clean the bike, always.

Looks like new!

Unfortunately due to some virus, there are no more races until April.

Anyways, it was a great experience and challenge that I had to overcome.

No one around, just bicycle and myself.