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EG top of the hill

PART 1 – How developing body, mind, and spirit can help oneself. Steps I took to become a better version of myself.

by EG
February 25, 2018
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Are you honest with yourself?

Thanks for coming back, it’s been a month since I started to express myself in writing and reveal some of my experiences. It feels great because people like to hear other people’s experiences so they can compare themselves and say: “If this person can do this and I know this person for a while, what would be the reason I couldn’t do the same?” Then you start to question yourself if you’re being 100% honest to yourself, and if you really do your best to ‘max out’  or you just being lazy and giving excuses to yourself?

Be more productive, be persistent and do things that matter

In the past, I felt that I could do more, and I could be more productive in life. These feelings were that helped me realise that I am here on earth to do more and bring bigger impact. I was doing many things that I thought would be beneficial for me, but I was wrong. Allan F. Mogensen once quoted ‘Work Smarter Not harder’ which inspired me and apply it in every aspect of life. All those times I’ve spent working was just a waste of time and energy as I wasn’t “working smart”. I have learned that it is critical to get the necessary information about things you are keen to start working with and focus on the purpose of why you are starting to work on that certain thing. There was a time when I was doing 5 things at a time and for years I felt that I was doing it right, but I was wrong. I realised that it was crucial to narrow down the things you want to do and priorities which ones to do first and which ones to do later. Just because one thing is done first doesn’t make it any less than others. It’s just a matter of being able to do a few things effectively rather than doing many things at once in a slow, ineffective phase. 

Body, Mind, Spirit

There are different things that I spent my life with. Every part is important for me because they contribute something positive and beneficial to me in different ways. Currently, I focus and put most of my energy into the body, mind and spirit. I will briefly write what I’ve changed and added to my life for each of them and how they helped me. Body – since the age of 6, I was already engaging in sports and I managed to do different ones which include:

  • Taekwondo (7 years) 
  • Floorball (5 years)
  • Ice Hockey (5 years) 
  • Traditional folk dance (1 year) 
  • Yoga (1 year) 
  • Mountain biking (4 years)

Mindset pushing over the limits

I wouldn’t say it’s a lot, but I learnt a thing or two from working in a team up to working with yourself and body. I still do some of them from time to time as I treat them as a hobby. One of the best tools I have been introduced by a good friend in working out at the gym. I started to go to the gym about a half year ago with goals to develop myself both physically and mentally. In other words, I started to go to the gym not only for the muscles but to work with yourself and mindset to push over the limits. If you look carefully, the only challenge is your mind, over a time you realise that mind is the biggest enemy if you don’t use it correctly. A workout has hugely motivated me in many aspects of life since I started

Apologies for writing a long one as I was initially planning to briefly explain this section. But now I feel that I have more to say for the other parts – mind and spirit. I will make this as the part 1 and I will continue explaining the part 2 in two weeks- 18th of March 2018.