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Portuguese waterfalls

by EG
February 17, 2022
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Portugal has quite a lot of smaller and a few bigger waterfalls.

They differ from each other and most of the time to reach them you will need to hike. The hike can even last a few hours.

In summer when it’s warm outside, their temperature can cool you down very well.

For example, Cascatas de Fecha de Barjas waterfall consists of multiple smaller waterfalls.

Never look down

To swim in this water you will need to climb down and swim in the pool.

In the season it can become busy and you’re lucky if you got the spot to swim.

Once climbed down you can enjoy this beautiful waterfall pool.

Usually, there are a lot of small fish that are curious to find more about you

The picture cannot tell but the Cascata do Arado waterfall was quite tall. Had to zoom out to take it properly.

There was a big hole in the water, even the bottom cannot be seen

In another park, there was Cascata da Rajada waterfall.

Different than the previous ones but still magnificent.

The next waterfall was Cascata de Picaes.

Those waterfalls were quite hidden, so some hiking was necessary. It’s a great place to escape from the ocean and the water is super soft.

On a warm day, it’s what gives the joy and it helps to cool down.