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EG near Glasgow

The nudge inside me to start and finish something, how it developed my attitude.

by EG
May 28, 2018
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Since a young age, I felt a powerful desire to become a better version of myself every single day meaning I knew that to make a bigger impact to the world today I had to start with myself. 

Ten years ago, I had a nudge saying that I need some guidance to get on the correct path, in other words, get a higher education. I didn’t have a clue how I will achieve that with zero language skills and not being physically inside the desired country. All that I had was a vision where I visualized the outcome. My full focus was on benefits why should I do this instead why I shouldn’t, which overcome problems.

Four years ago, I started the higher education but today I have finished university in the UK. To be frank with you it is just another chapter that is done in my life. It wasn’t much about the academic knowledge that has been thought but personally for me more about the discipline and determination to finish what I have started.

I am grateful for everything that happened to me in last 4 years and before, for the help from mentors, failed business ideas, new friends, contacts and enemies, nature and the obstacles that shifted my mindset.

I have been offered to study further and completely for free but knowing the time value I have decided that I can bring bigger impact and help more people by doing an entrepreneur type work instead.

Over years I realized that the discipline and patience is the key and with the correct mindset everything is achievable.

Failures are the cornerstone of success.

Embrace the process for whatever you ever wish for by brining to your life.

Embrace the journey.