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EG at the sea

What is my purpose in life?

by EG
January 27, 2018
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What I have learned in my life so far and where do I think it will lead me in the future?

This is my first post in this blog ever. On this chapter, I will share with you briefly my life journey that I had so far and what stage I am now. All of us have heard at least once that practice makes perfect, but I would say nothing is perfect, even this blog. I do believe though that one can be better.

Share the Story and don’t keep it inside

I always thought that I would never write, nor would ever talk about my life. Locking up in a room and be mysterious was how I imagined myself. But I was wrong. Recently, I realised that it is important to express yourself and your emotions to people, share your life with someone you are comfortable with. No wonder why many people go see a psychologist. They want to be heard and understood. It is the way how our spirits and emotions work, thus telling someone rather than keeping inside helped me to change my habits and become a better person.

Magical Key

There is no magical key how I did it, is just that the people are willing to listen and give advice. Hard to believe, right? Not all of them of course, but the majority of the people will listen and share their life story as well. People like to talk, especially about themselves. If you are willing to share you will get a positive response back. I am not a life lesson teacher but just a person who is willing to share my experiences.

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Cut bad habits in one day

There was a time, about six months ago, when I changed my mindset. By mindset I mean habits, and by habits, I mean small baby steps that create my day, my year and my life. Because small details matter. I was just not fully happy about my life. I have always been running everywhere, participating in different societies, attending different sports activities, meeting up with the people and so on. In other words, be everywhere and be true ‘multipotentialite’.

I felt I was not fully enjoying myself doing the mentioned activities. I also went to bed very late, as I thought that’s the way how I should work on my milestones. I had also been eating junk foods and a lot of sweets. These were not the worst habits, I am not here to give all the bad habits because this blog is not about that. Briefly speaking, I was not fulfilled with the life. But I felt someone did nudge me on the side and hinted me that I needed a change. And so I did.

Life Purpose 

You have to find your purpose. Yes, you read that correctly, find your purpose. The purpose, in other words, is the life passion that you are enthusiastic about. The purpose in which you get up early every single morning and work towards with the best attitude.

Something that fulfils you, your body and your soul. Learn how to give without expecting to get anything back. Go and help that old lady to cross the street, go and speak with the stranger and compliment them, go and feed yourself with positive thoughts. Humans, we are connected with each other. It is about the relationships between every soul and everybody.

Purpose = Future

I started to share my life journey, I become vulnerable as I thought that’s the key to expressing myself and finding a way to reach fulfilment. Plan your time, imagine your future, be creative, write it on the paper or record it. Then repeat every day to visualise your life and you will find your purpose that will create your future and your present time.

A quote "Morning is God's way of saying one more time, go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and enjoy the day"